Monday, July 27, 2009

About Rosceli and eLearning

The Programme - Graduate Certificate in Applied eLearning is very timely as I am thinking of what to take to upskill my career.
I am Rosceli Valdrez, Facilitator of FreeB Community Computer Training assigned in Pukekohe. (A satellite Class of MIT)
eLearning is a total break through for a working mother like me as I could work, attend to my family and study at the same time.
eLearning is the next trend in learning and it is already paving the way with MIT distance learning course. With the proximity of Pukekohe to MIT campus, eLearning will be a gateway to more courses thus more students in the grass roots. This innovation would give a lot of contribution not only to MIT but to the rural area like Pukekohe... With the knowledge of elearning, facilitator will be more competent to their role. The knowledge will encourage facilitator to contribute innovation and creativity within the work area.
It has been my passion to learn about eLearning. As a matter of fact It has been part of my Masteral study abroad but was not able to push through with it because I migrated here in New Zealand.


  1. Hello Rosceli, great to hear from you. Have you thought of transferring your Masters to a university here? I would suggest that you tie the work from this into your masters study as much as possible so you have plenty to present a university here if you're looking for recognition of prior learning. good luck, Sarah

  2. H Rosceli, nice to meet you. Where did you emigrate from? Elaine

  3. Hi Elaine...I migrated from the Philippines.