Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To Sink or Swim...

Title: To Sink or Swim...

The Idea is to have an informal discussion that revolves around sharing stories or advice to Rosceli on how to survive the flood of an overwhelming flash information about eLearning with her jurasic laptop.


Rosceli is new to eLearning. At the start of her new found career. She was excited to commit to her studies, but as the course goes on she is beleaguered with information that flows to her email and other resources. She tried to imbibe some of the information…heaps of information that almost drown her. She tried to have a hands-on experience to the new programs to her old laptop but it seems that her hardware is not ready for the high-tech information. As time goes on more and more information and knowledge must be ingested. Now Rosceli is overwhelmed and she does not know what to do. As part of the community, Please try to give her a helping hand. Sharing your experience as a learner will give Rosceli an Idea on how to survive. The story you share will some how coach her how to swim in the flood of never ending stream of information. SOS……Please… join the informal Mini conference…and help Rosceli to survive….


  1. Love this post...can you also add details of where/when so I can ask people to attend. Thanks, Sarah
    PS: and don't forget to put it up on the course wiki so we can all see. cheers

  2. Hello Rosceli, how's things going with your planning? Can you contact me on 0800 smartmove for a chat about what you're up to. cheers Sarah