Sunday, December 6, 2009

Discussion forum

I felt a bit guilty of discussion forums, I am quite passive about this. I grew up in a culture where small children are not allowed to discuss things with adult. As I child I was ordered to listen. I think until now I still carry this culture. With this course, I should be able to exchange information with CoEds –to have a Collaborative learning with them. I admit that this is my waterloo. I usually shy away from discussion. I don’t want to post just to comment on that other participants just to say…I agree or I disagree…I wanted to add more information but I always lost a word or sometime I lost time…I may not be able to add to the discussion but there are lots of things I learned from other participants.

1 comment:

  1. There are times that lurking is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. Just because you are lurking doesn't mean that you are not learning.

    But remember that you also have heaps of knowledge and experience to share...and that when you pluck up courage to say something, someone else like you out there will learn from what you say. Good luck :)